Stop Generating Image Sizes

Did you know, when you upload an image using Media Uploader, WordPress generates multiple copies of that image?


WordPress Generates Duplicate Images

But along with this, theme and plugin developers can register their own sizes. Although they may be on purpose, but sometimes they remain unused.

Think about it!

By default, a vanila WordPress installation generates 4 copies of an image-
  1. Thumbnail
  2. Medium
  3. Medium-large
  4. Large

Unnecessary additional images are eating up your server space and slowing down your site!

Sounds like a problem? What is the solution then?
This is where our plugin comes into the picture. Just install the plugin and choose which of the imaze sizes you want to prevent from generating.

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  • Works with any plugin and theme
  • WooCommerce compatible
  • Multisite compatible
  • Super easy to install and configure
  • It’s free and always will be