How to migrate users from one site to another – Share Logins Pro

So, you installed Share Logins Pro in your site and it works as expected. When a new user creates his/her account in a site, it’s automatically creating an account for that user in other sites. Awesome!

What about your existing users?

Say, you have 2 sites and When a user, John registers his account in, he gets his account created in as well. That’s what it should do.

But, if you already have some user accounts that were registered/created before Share Logins Pro was installed? We gave a thought about it and asked our development team to integrate this feature so you (site owner) can export users from one of your sites and import them in other ones.

And the did it!

You can now migrate your users!

I’m going to show you how you can migrate your users from one site to another.

1. Update Share Logins Pro to the latest version

Go to and download the latest version of the plugin.

Deactivate and remove the existing Share Logins Pro, and install the downloaded one.

2. Export Users from a site

Go to Migrate Users under Share Logins from wp-admin dashboard of your site. You’ll find some optional input fields while exporting your users.

1. Exclude Users: If you want to exclude some of your users from the export, please input their ID’s in this field. You need to separate ID’s with a comma delimiter.

2. Exclude Roles: Maybe you want to exclude all users from the administrator role? Choose the roles that you want to exclude from the export.

3. Meta Fields: You can choose one or more meta data from this field. For example, if you choose nickname, first_name and last_name, the export file will contain these selected data for every user.

Click Export Users button and save the exported file.

Please note, passwords are not carried over.

3. Import Users to another site

Go to Migrate Users under Share Logins in another site and click on Import Users tab.

1. Choose File: Choose the file that you exported from your previous site. This file should have .cx extension.

2. Update Users: If there is a user in both the exported file and in this site, should it update the user data? Check this if you want to update.

3. Remove Existing Roles: If there is a matching user (explained in #2), should it remove the user’s existing roles and keep only the new ones from the exported file? Check this if you want to remove existing roles.
Note: We don’t recommend to remove existing roles as it may arise complexities.

Click Import Users and it should import all the users from your first site to this one.

If you face any issues migrating your users, please don’t hesitate to let us know. We’re here to help you!